अभी इश्क़ लिखने का दिल नहीं है | Prashant “Beybaar”

ऐसा नहीं है कि मुझे प्यार हासिल नहीं है.. ऐसा भी नहीं कि दिल दोस्ती मुमकिन नहीं है.. मगर, अभी इश्क़ लिखने का दिल नहीं है.. मगर, अभी इश्क़ लिखने का दिल नहीं है।

Badal Ek Kahani Kahte Hain | Prashant “Beybaar” | Poetry and You

“Baadal ek kahani kehte hain” is a poem by ‘Prashant Beybaar’ which imprints the childhood colors on the canvas of clouds. It tells how every cloud has a story to express. Do we have the time now in our lives to embrace our relationship with nature? Do we still feel the funny and intriguing shapes in clouds?

RED MOON : सुर्ख चाँद | Prashant Beybaar | Strong Message

Noor-e-syahi conducted campaigns like #RedDotChallenge and #MahavariJayazhai for the awareness of menstrual health and hygiene. A message for everyone in regard of God’s most strong creation, Woman. #NooreSyahi #MenstrualHygiene #Womanhood #Salute

Teekhi Kalam (Vol 1)- Pinki by Beybaar

This channel is about the visualization of thoughts into poetry. Poetry that are carved from various circumstances of life , Knitted with unparalleled thoughts and rhythm of mindfulness.

Kya Sunayu Tujhe – a romantic poetry by Beybaar

Kya Sunayu Tujhe – a romantic poetry is the romantic writing by Beybaar. It depicts the deep emotional attachment with your loved ones. Romanticism is often relate with just love, however various phases like soulvoice love and sublimation also tend to describe romanticism. It is somewhat reflected in this piece of work.

‘Shaheed – Love for country’ on Republic Day

On the occasion of India’s 69th Republic day, Beybaar is paying homage to all the martyrs who made us see the flourished India. Jai Hind.

Half Wife – Dilemma of a girl

This poem is a musical expression of a situation where a girl and a boy are living so close to each other that when that guy’s destiny has someone else, the girl feels like half the way to marriage.. A kind of half wife.. The story of griefed love.

Antarhman ki Vaani – a tale about father and daughter

चमक भरी बड़ी शैतान आंखें, मासूम सी एक नन्हीं जान ख़ुदा की रहमत हो, या ख़ुद खुदा का छोटा रूप हो तुम।

Tu Liye Ghaneri Raat – Sakht Launda Poetry by Beybaar

“Tu Liye Ghaneri Raat” is a #poetry written and recited by #Beybaar which shows the bubbly #love feelings of a guy after seeing his #crush. It is endeavoured to capture the full throttle smile and butterflies in the stomach through this poem. A term ‘#Sakht Launda’, commonly used by ‘#ZakirKhan’ is utilised in the last verse of the poem. It is performed at #A2 The Park Hotel, Chennai in an #Openmic organised by #CFTevents.

Bas #dil nhi tootne dunga- a new year #resolution

#Heartbreak is not just in love, but also when you fail to convince your parents about your favourite #career path, or when you can’t bring #smiles to your loved ones, or even when you can’t complete your most desiring trip, this all give heartbreak either to you or your loved ones. This nazm ‘Bas dil nhi tootne dunga’ is about new year #resolution for the same.

2 in 1 Poetry collection by Beybaar – Kya Sunayu & Kaise bataye koi

The video of two poetries by Beybaar. The #romantic #poetry “Kya sunayu tujhe” and the Nazm “Kaise bataye koi” both got recorded at We Switched Open mic in nungambakkam, Chennai.

Zara Theher ke aana | ज़रा ठहर के आना | Social Poem | Heart Wretched Poetry | Prashant Beybaar

“Zara Theher ke Aana” (ज़रा ठहर के आना) is a poetic form of monologue from a man to his beloved regarding current socio-political situation going on in country and outside. It is strong expression of agony of a common man, an INDIAN. The heart- wretched scenes happening everyday in and around gave birth to this ‘pseudo-love but a social poem’.

Dareeche | दरीचे | Book Cover | Prashant Beybaar

कुछ नज़्में धुन की अंगुली पकड़ गुनगुनाती मालूम होती हैं तो कुछ नज़्में बीज के रूप में और नई नज़्मों को पैदा करती हैं। हर कविता के साथ उसका अंग्रेज़ी तर्जुमा (अनुवाद) भी शामिल है जो ‘दरीचे’ की आवाज़ को ज़बानी सरहद के पार ले जाने की कोशिश है।

Marna Kaisa Hoga | Lockdown Stories | Prashant Beybaar

Marna Kaisa Hoga | Lockdown Stories
Written and Voice : Prashant ‘Beybaar’